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 The goal: 100 miles in 24 hours.

Start: April 10th at 12:00 pm

Finish: April 11th 12:00 pm

Where: Run Today in Glen Ellyn

Why 24 Hours on a Treadmill?

  • Use run to build awareness of blood clots
  • Minimum 100 miles
  • Try something I’m not sure I can finish

When I was training for my first 100 mile race I read, The Athletes Way. The author set a Guinness Book of World Record for most miles in 24 hours on a treadmill. The current record is 160 miles. Clearly the top 25 people are superhuman. According to this list a little over 50 people in the world have tried a 24 hour run on a treadmill. There is no way I’m fast enough to set a world record but I am stubborn enough to run for 24 hours. I’m hoping a challenge like this will help bring awareness and donations to the world of blood clots.

900,000 blood clots annually in the US

100,000 deaths each year

An average of 274 people die from blood clots each day


If you know Will Smith could you pass along my info? I’d like to invite him to the run.

“The toughest race isn’t a distance….True toughness comes from overcoming personal limits. It’s fighting against the internal dialogue in your head that stems from your body wanting to slow you down. It’s overcoming the feedback signals from your muscles that say they’re flooding with acid, or that your fuel stores are running dangerously low. How each runner experiences these sensations of fatigue is completely individual. No one else knows exactly what you’re feeling and at what point you might give in to the pain.

Toughness is knowing when you’ve gone past previous barriers and tangled just an instant longer with your brain as it tries to shut you down. Only you know how tough you are, and any distance can test you.” -By Steve Magness


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