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Why 24hrs on a treadmill?


Why am I raising money?

For those who have asked why I run as much as I do or have even called me crazy: In 2011, I had DVTs in my leg and Pulmonary emboli (PE) in my lungs. DVT and PE = Blood Clots. I could barely walk around the hospital floor.

100,000 people die in the US each year as a result of blood clots

274 people die everyday in the US from a blood clot. This easily could have been me.

600,000 people in the US will get a blood clot this year.

The emotional and physical pain and fatigue I have felt running ultramarathons is not even close to what I experienced after blood clots. It has been a long 3 years but I have battled back. I’m a lot slower than I used to be but I can run again!

So why do I run?

Running is a constant reminder that I can go past previous barriers and push on. I run to show people that you may be stuck in a terrible place in your life but you can make it through. This year, I run to raise awareness and funds for the National Blood Clot Aliance. If I can help one person beat life threatening blood clots I will. I hope you will help me too.

“The toughest race isn’t a distance….True toughness comes from overcoming personal limits. It’s fighting against the internal dialogue in your head that stems from your body wanting to slow you down. It’s overcoming the feedback signals from your muscles that say they’re flooding with acid, or that your fuel stores are running dangerously low.

How each runner experiences these sensations of fatigue is completely individual. No one else knows exactly what you’re feeling and at what point you might give in to the pain…..Toughness is knowing when you’ve gone past previous barriers and tangled just an instant longer with your brain as it tries to shut you down. Only you know how tough you are, and any distance can test you.” -By Steve Magness